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  • How do I Resolve Tax Problems

    You may ask, will Tax Problems and IRS Problems change after the election?  Probably not, because

    noone really expects the President to get involved in how the IRS enforces the law in general.

    Our approach is still to start out by listening to you, hanging on your every word. Situations such as the method of abating penalties and obtaining installment agreements and removing IRS and State Tax liens may be the same, but they need to be tailored to you as an individual or company or organization.

    Then, the combination of our experience and strong will to help you comes into play.

    If your business requires assistance with your Quickbooks file or preparation of your business records for examination, we will assist you. Then, we will attempt to cooperate with the Internal Revenue Service or other Tax Authority while simultaneously fighting for your rights. 

    Jason Wach | 11/02/2020

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